COVID-19 continues to impact lives and businesses every day. Staff are being furloughed, others are working from home, access to IT systems is a challenge, income statements and cash flow forecasts are constantly changing. All of this is leading to an extraordinary level of uncertainty to the business and complexity for the finance function.

The consequences mean businesses need to plan against ever changing variables to accommodate the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. But it’s evident that many organisation’s current processes and system tools don’t provide the flexibility required, and they are having to find new ways of doing things.

Scenario planning provides a structured way to identify future uncertainties and develop suitable action plans through a variety of potential outcomes. It creates a sense of confidence by having a structured way to work through the challenges, reacting to important factors identified.

Rapid Scenario Planning is something we’ve been helping businesses with for years and we want to support companies struggling with their financial planning during these challenging times. One of the ways we’re doing this is to offer the use of ORYX Plan software licences Free of Charge.

*Free use of ORYX Plan software licences

We are offering up to 10 users on-cloud ORYX Plan software licences for a 6 month period to help you through this crisis. Our Cloud Financial Planning solution uses AWS hosting services, these third party costs will be passed on. The offer to help is open to any sector.

Pre-built Template

A pre-built template is provided to get you started. It includes simple rules based on some of the standard variables that businesses are considering during this pandemic, based on the Government schemes.

Service Packs

One and a half service days is included free of charge to understand your needs and to get you up and running. However, we appreciate some businesses require customised business logic to reflect their way they do things. So additional service packs can be purchased to give you the environment that you need. These service packs are discounted by 50%.

Our offer to use our software free of charge is provided to help businesses through this crisis. If you would like to set-up a no obligation free consultation to discuss your requirements and for us to show you first-hand how we can help your business, please get in touch. If you want to continue using the ORYX software going forward then we can chat around a commercial outcome to arrive at a mutually satisfying result. It’s more important now than ever to survive and plan for the future, together we can get through this.