With us, you are talking to finance people about finance issues, so you can be sure we understand exactly what you want, and deliver exactly what you need.

Square peg, round hole

Many finance solutions feel like they’ve been written by scientists, offering little practical content, showing limited understanding of the procedures you follow, or the daily constraints you are under.

Without the experience of working in finance, or accounting qualifications, it’s understandable that technology developers fail to grasp the complexities of the finance operation and its demanding requirements. Many miss the mark in providing finance-friendly features that you need from your systems.

Lost in Translation

Your finance office has its own way of doing things, and a solution can rapidly become a hindrance if it is not fully flexible and able to adapt to your needs. Taking the example of a multi-company consolidation solution, it can take months to perform all the mappings into the group or parent entity. If you don’t have a business partner with the expertise to configure your system to fit the way you work, you can quickly find yourself spending months capturing mappings – just to be confident the solution is set up the way you need it.

There are stories of CFOs spending over 40 days of their time sitting with technology vendors after it became apparent that unless they got personally involved right from the start, they just wouldn’t get the configuration and controls required.

Re-allocating a CFOs time is a costly exercise. In this case, the CFO’s finance team had to step up to take on his tasks so he could dedicate himself to translating his finance needs into a technology solution.

Finance Doyens

Many solutions are delivered in a fixed structure that leaves little room for flexibility and as a result, technology is delivered with predefined processes that don’t cater for change.

We have felt your frustration. And that’s why finance experts like you – with similar backgrounds and experience – have been closely involved in designing our solutions. Our systems are rich with practical time-saving features based on a robust and user friendly platform.

Because we understand finance, you can be confident that your requirements will be met the way you need. You can carry on with your business whilst we translate your needs to provide an end-to-end process automation experience – in a finance friendly way.

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