We know that you’re often forced to adapt finance technology. Our solutions mirror your business so you get what you need, without compromise.

A Compromising Situation

Have you ever had to adjust the way you do things because your finance package won’t allow you to change? Have you ended up with reports that don’t reflect the information you need to see? Or have you had to wait days or even weeks for the answer to a simple query?

Finance Technology can be very rigid. Large and expensive IT projects tend to tick the integration and compliance needs of companies’ IT strategies. And in theory, they deliver on the brief set by the finance office. In practice, they take years. And even after a solution goes live, realisation hits – your finance processes have to adapt, because the technology can’t (or at least won’t without more significant investment).

Losing Control

Even though your finance function performs primarily the same tasks as any other, no two offices do things in exactly the same way. This is because you have your data, your rules, your views, your reports and your descriptions – and all of these work to meet your requirements in your own style. Your finance function is a unique operation.

Introducing a technology solution that promises to streamline and automate your financial planning, support your period end close, and consolidate your group finances sounds attractive. But some solutions are so prescriptive, they compromise your working methods, so you don’t feel you’re in control.

Imagine, it’s Thursday afternoon, and the management have requested a detailed P&L for a specific branch or business unit to be delivered for the following day. Access to the granular data resides in the ledger, and you know you’ll need to submit a request for IT to send you the data. In your experience, that could take hours – time you really can’t afford. In the past, the worst case scenario has taken days, and sometimes, weeks!

Back on Track

There is a practical way through the constraints you face. It is possible to have a really agile solution that ticks the requirements of your IT department, whilst meeting your financial needs.

Our solution is built on a flexible rules-based platform. This is what makes it responsive to your unique regime, so you can apply your names, descriptions, fields and terms. You can adapt rules from our library to meet your requirements so they become your rules. You’re able to create your own views so you see exactly what you need. And you can query the database using self-explanatory tools that do not require IT support. So you no longer need to be limited by a standard suite of reports; create your own bespoke views. Maintaining familiarity to the way you work makes your new system easy to use.

Don’t change your processes –simplify and streamline them based on what your business needs, not what your technology can deliver.

Don’t compromise, exercise full control of your solution – get in touch.