ORYX Close is our solution that saves many hours on the month, the quarter and the year end closing process.

In a busy Finance function, the month end closing process is a recurring challenge.

Many companies have multiple P&Ls, balance sheets and data sources, not to mention international structures that come with their own needs.

Because of this, there never seems to be enough time to meet demanding deadlines, and that added pressure often affects accuracy.

As if that is not enough, emerging regulatory requirements are making it even harder, with extra time being needed to create reports for compliance regimes such as Solvency II.

Finance staff have to deal with the heavy workload of manual adjustments, which adds complexity to the task of supporting all stakeholders.

Then there are further processes for the Quarter End, Half Year and Year End, all adding to the workload.

So what can a stretched Finance Department do to resolve this?

Accountagility’s Financial Close solution addresses all your period end and reporting needs.


ORYX Close can save up to 50% of the time and effort it takes a medium to large Finance Department to perform its month, quarter, half and year end processes.

It means you can save the midnight oil, improve staff morale and reduce overtime costs, whilst removing errors and improving accuracy.

All in all you can take out the undue stress traditionally associated with month end closing deadlines.


ORYX Close puts you back in control of the closing cycle.

It means you can reduce evening and overtime working, you can allocate staff to other tasks, you can create more time for checking, reporting and regulatory outputs.

With ORYX Close, you can determine the best choices for your Finance function and help make radical improvements to productivity and efficiency.


ORYX Close gives you a powerful set of workflows that allow the month end closing process to be automated and repeated.

From the sourcing of data produced by a variety of internal and external systems, through to validation of data and QA of Ledgers, to journal entry and documentation, and the reduction of manual adjustments, ORYX Close has built-in labour-saving features that will save hours and hours, every month.


ORYX Close has a simple method of completing the process, culminating in an audited and streamlined sign-off procedure.

Signatories can either approve workflows within the close process, or make comments for further amendment, saving time on your approval processes.


Once the month end closing process is established, we can help you build on it by helping define additional workflows for Quarter ends, Half Years and Full Year close.


ORYX Close also provides intuitive and insightful analysis with full detailed drilldown capability for your staff to identify, understand and quickly correct any issues.

You can also create Management report templates that can be replicated for multiple audiences and future periods. And the automated commentary tools help annotate your numbers, or even upload your workings. Then you can email individually customised reports to stakeholders with a single click.

ORYX Close is leading the way in month end closing. Challenge us today. We’ll provide a free report on your existing Closing processes to see if we can deliver improved flexibility and reliability.