Sensitive data being emailed outside of secure corporate networks as attachments, simply to facilitate remote working.

Spreadsheets don’t support workflow capabilities that manage activities across multiple users, nor do they have security capabilities to restrict information based on user role, so data is often split into different workbooks, distributed, and then manually consolidated. This leads to a myriad of copies and versions, increasing the opportunity for errors and creating major risks for businesses.

There are other important aspects too – such as replicating business modelling. Spreadsheets are restricted by rows, columns and worksheets. It’s therefore not unusual to see spreadsheets linking to other spreadsheets, making it easy for errors and mistakes to become commonplace. Simply put, they don’t possess the capabilities to match an enterprise solution.

If the virus has created a plague of spreadsheets within your organisation, or you simply want less reliance on spreadsheets, download our whitepaper that deliberates the advantages of taking A Business Rules Approach versus Persisting with Spreadsheets.

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We know Excel comes almost free of charge and is easy to use, but we appreciate the cost of your resources and the success of your business is more valuable. If you’d like a conversation to learn how to remove your reliance on spreadsheets, please get in touch

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