In order to manage staggering amounts of data created, organisations often look at large scale BI installations as a way to gather business information together, placing it into a data warehouse or data lake.

✓ This solves the problem of handling large amounts of structured and unstructured data, and provides centrally managed powerful insights into operational performance. KPIs and Trends can be produced, and presented in dashboards, charts and reports, helping businesses drive efficiencies and improvements.

✗However, financial reporting requirements are unique and are much more specialised. We hear frequently about business leaders turning up at meetings with conflicting data. For finance, the worst thing they can do is present inaccurate numbers, which if used and released externally, can have a major impact on the company’s plans and the confidence of shareholders.

We’ve taken a deep look into why is this happening, even after millions has been invested on huge and expensive BI installations.

Our whitepaper also explores the options that empower finance to be confident they are presenting numbers they can trust, whilst complementing existing investments of BI implementations.

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