How to know when you've outgrown your financial close process

And critical questions to raise in an RFP around the 9 core capabilities you should consider when selecting a financial close solution.


RPA or Process Automation? What's best for the Finance?

RPA technologies have replaced many mundane activities, but has this created some new and potentially worse problems elsewhere in the organisation?


See the Bigger
Picture with
Unified Planning

By working to a unified plan, organisations can experience business alignment and a rapid journey towards their corporate goals; this whitepaper explores how.


Do BI Systems Really Support the Modern Finance Department?

Why, even after implementing large BI projects, are some companies still not able to trust the numbers in their financial reports?


A Business Rules approach or persist with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets revolutionised accounting practices in the 80’s, but when they get complex, errors become commonplace and create major risks for businesses.


Counting on data – putting finance departments in control

Accountagility surveyed 200 CFOs and FDs about their planning and processes, many would like to do more planning cycles a year, here you can learn why they don’t.


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