Whitepaper: counting on data – putting finance departments in control

Learn why 70% of the 200 CFOs we surveyed told us they would like to do more planning cycles a year, but why they don’t.

Financial planning is essential for commercial success, but the time and money organisations commit to these plans – and the data and reports that underpin them – is unsurprising. However, these are not always well-invested.

More often than not, the resources expended on planning reflect the challenges of the process rather than the depth of the plan. Finance departments can struggle to draw together from multiple data sources and resolve complex adjustments, conflicts and errors. It’s not just the efficiency of the process that suffers, but the robustness of the resulting plans.

To better understand the challenges facing these departments, Accountagility surveyed 200 chief financial officers and finance directors about their planning and processes.

The findings have led to fascinating insights and have been documented in our latest whitepaper; Counting On Data – Putting Finance Departments In Control.