Computation Rules and Rulesets

  • Replicate business logic. Determine multiple data models and configure in ORYX as required
  • Includes specific financial rules including Journal, Post, Trial Balance and Allocation to name a few

Data Acquisition, Loading and Cleansing

  • Automatic inputs with data validation, transformation, mapping and tolerance

Collaboration and Project Management

  • Cross department issue resolution
  • Provide the ability to plan project-related expenses and revenues, plan and propose new initiatives, and track project results over time


  • Online Analytical Processing Cube giving a multi-dimensional array of data for better analysis and insights. This is used within the ORYX Cube

    Views feature

BI and AI/ML Tools Integration

  • ORYX handles automatic integration of complex data sets
  • ORYX manages the automatic extraction of finalised data sets (following completion of computations and validations) to various data visualisation

    and reporting tools

System Integration and Connectors to other systems

  • ODBC connection to systems, or easy upload of CSV files

Support for non-financial data

  • Incorporate items such as HR records

Narration and Commentary

  • Disclosure Management (putting notes onto accounts or inputs) adding commentary throughout the financial process

Process Automation

  • Replicate exactly how your business operates, ability to configure bespoke end to end solutions to your requirements

Devices and Platforms

  • Available on premise, deployed in your own environment on your own servers
  • If you’re working away from the office, you can simply log into ORYX using the mobile version
  • ORYX is available on the cloud, providing a secure environment and elastic scalability in an NCC approved environment

Permissions and Security

  • ORYX follows full security protocols with administrators setting up user access and permissions based on user profile security

Local and Master Data

  • ORYX has the ability to hold different data sets, ensuring full auditability and traceability
  • Historic data can be stored easily as drivers or assumptions for forecast modelling

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