We understand the challenges faced when undertaking Financial Planning and forecasting; the integration of data from multiple sources and systems, the countless structural challenges, the complex numerical calculations, and the need to complete plans within stringent fixed deadlines.

We know that the success of your planning function largely depends on the speed at which you can create and analyse your plan information, and then adapt your business logic to meet fresh requirements and new initiatives.

In corporate enterprises, the complexity is multiplied by the differences in regional requirements. You need a system that accommodates local variations within a single corporate financial planning and analysis strategy. We also appreciate that to do all of this manually is very time consuming and complex. But what if there was an automated solution that yielded an improvement in performance, without undermining the quality of your plan, providing you with all the tools you need to survive the multiple challenges of planning.

Now there is. ORYX Plan.

Achieve more

Streamline Your Planning Using Financial Management Software

Accountagility’s planning solution enables full end to end automation of all your planning activities, freeing up your valuable resources. With full drill-down analysis, reporting and a powerful business rules engine at your fingertips, ORYX Plan significantly reduces the time it takes to create a full financial plan. All within a single environment, with plan activities and business logic managed and updated by regular team members, it gives you and your finance function complete version and plan cycle control.

Capture and Share Business Data

Start by removing risk from incorrect or inconsistent data. ORYX Plan has an automated workflow with unique inbuilt data validation processes that handle manual inputs and in-house system feeds from all parts of your business. This ensures that all incoming data is checked before you rely on it, giving you the confidence of improved quality and greater accuracy from the start.

Your valuable planning data can be seamlessly integrated into consolidation or other ledger systems, providing full flexibility and functionality to share information throughout the business.

Single Planning Environment

What if you could deliver a disciplined approach and structure to your planning activities within a single environment? ORYX Plan has an intuitive and responsive user interface that allows you to compute multiple plans using rules-based methodology, or use ready pre-built modules designed for industry specific financial activities.

Deployed on-site or in the cloud, you have your data, your rules, your views, your reports and your descriptions – all designed in your style. You take full control of your planning management software.

“ORYX Plan is part of an integrated suite of solutions that reduces operating costs and risks within the Finance function”


Support Regional Needs Accommodate regional requirements through distributed plan ownership and flexible variants
Full Change Control Compare and track multiple plan scenarios with roll back functionality
Plan Integrity Data integrity tests to ensure that your plan is complete and accurate
Automatic Integration Automated data feeds from all other systems and data sources with full validation
Foreign Exchange Full support for foreign currency translation at a transactional and regional level
Continuous Forecasting Roll forward your financial forecasts monthly and annually, to monitor ongoing performance to plan
Traceability Analysis tools enable you to quickly drill down from your plan back to your business logic and source data
Top Down vs Bottom Up Calibrate your bottom-up plan to match management expectations
Driver Based Modelling Create a full financial plan from base principles, including different data feeds, rules and manual adjustments
Analysis & Reporting Flexible analysis and planning tools provide full analysis and commentary to help you understand your numbers
Connect to Multiple Data Sources Pull data from any data source, giving unprecedented detail and plan comprehension
Information – On Demand

We know how important it is to be able to create reports and obtain data extracts – our customisable reporting facility enables you to intuitively create automated reports and analysis activities at a moment’s notice.

Comparing scenarios and analysing data, at any level of detail, is possible with full drill-to-source capability. ORYX Plan dynamically delivers instant reporting and the information you need, when you need it.

ORYX Plan is one of the fastest number-crunching solutions available, computing large and complex plans in seconds. It employs in-memory processing to achieve lightning fast results.

Seamless Process Management

Our unique version and plan cycle controls system makes managing your planning process simple. Comprehensive data controls ensure that all inputs are tracked and properly managed throughout a plan cycle, giving you confidence and full traceability.

Instant Decision Making

Systems that use oversimplified metrics reduce the flexibility of how you can analyse your business. Our fully integrated solution can use any data attribute to view current performance, whilst also allowing you to pick out historical trends over a period of your choosing (i.e. a prior day, week, month or year) to make valuable future projections.

Designed for You

Our rich planning solution has been created by Financial experts, just like you, with similar backgrounds and experience. We understand your need for practical time saving functionality and so our rich solution has been designed to enable you to deliver your projects with the right mix of control, flexibility and agility.

Delivery that Puts You in Control

Our solution delivery is a joint exercise between you and us; that means we work with you at every step of the way throughout the project lifecycle

“Our solution offers great value and is competitive to any other product. Challenge us today. Ask us to provide a free report on your existing Planning process to see if we can deliver improved flexibility and reliability, as required by your business.”