Introducing Data Modelling Tools in ORYX

September 30, 2013 | 0

I wanted to use this blog to introduce you to a forthcoming ORYX tool, the “Data Model” tool.

A core objective of ORYX is to lower the technical barriers to “getting the job done” – these challenges impact virtually everyone dealing with even the fringes of IT.
One thing we get asked a lot about is the availability and source of data. ORYX has many features to make this easier that are worth exploring (virtual tables, aliases, datasource filtering, etc). Despite this, it can still get pretty technical out there, particularly when multiple data sources are involved.

Some practical problems are worth considering:

– Data partitioning (eg. Year/period, version #, country)
– The data update cycle
– Data workflow (edit – update – review – submit)

All of these tasks can be performed in ORYX, but there is no “in-built” uniform approach. With increasing spotlight on data governance and demand from our users we are building an exciting new functional area within ORYX to support these requirements in a systematic way.

Following extensive research and prototyping, I am pleased to introduce you to the Data Model tool, which will be available in a forthcoming release.

Sample data model configuration, complete with data fields, mappings and multiple data sources.

The data model provides a single place to describe relevant data sets (even across different databases) and formalise interactions between them.

By defining data sources, mappings, data fields, and derived fields all in one place, enable data sets to be selected and queried with minimal knowledge of the underlying data structure. Simply choose a data type, the source, and a list of fields and ORYX will automatically compose the right query for you, along with all required filters, joins, formulae and mappings.

With development on this tool and the underlying API almost functionally complete, work will commence to introduce these features into some of the ORYX data tool kit.
Work has also begun on a new workflow tool, which I will introduce to you soon!

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