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The Secrets of Managing & Motivating a Finance Team

The positive synergy that comes from unifying the trinity of People, Processes and Technology can transform the morale and effectiveness of the finance function.

Continuing our Year of achieving Operational Excellence series, Accountagility’s Breakfast briefing focused attentions on Management styles and the best approaches to motivating Finance Teams.

A key goal for any world class finance operation is to build the optimum team, but what does this look like? And once you’ve built your team, how do you nurture them, and keep them on-side and committed? Employee morale, happiness and motivation plays a crucial part in this aim, but with different personalities and qualities of individual team members – how do you achieve this? What techniques should you employ?

Additionally, strong leadership plays a fundamental role. Strong and forthright leaders command the respect of the whole finance function from the board, empowering finance to play a key role in business strategy.

Accountagility’s briefing held in London on 20th June 2018 saw a panel of expert speakers come together to share their views. Discussions evolved around why companies who invest more than the plan to simply compete for the best talent and retain it, are the ones more likely to succeed on their journey to Operational Excellence.

Delegates learnt about:

  • the secrets of success in building the optimum finance team
  • different styles and techniques appropriate for managing team members
  • creating a best in class finance structure

Wednesday 20th June 2018

8am - 10am

Eight Members Club, 1 Dysart Street, Moorgate, London, EC2A 2BX

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