Accountagility solutions put you in control, because you can have your data, your rules, your views, your reports and your descriptions – designed to meet your requirements and in your style. It’s a solution with a difference as it’s built on a flexible rules-based platform, making it efficient and responsive. You get a fully customised solution that fits your needs without the heartache and hassle of an expensive or lengthy development project, and in our experience, requires modest input from your IT department. We appreciate it’s your finance department and your responsibility, and we understand that you need to be in control.


You will be well versed in the use of large-scale systems to help Finance Departments to operate and perform. In the areas of budgeting, planning and forecasting however, each organisation has its own way of doing things, and so do you. A solution can rapidly become a headache to use if it is not fully flexible and able to adapt to your needs. At Accountagility we understand that, and let you do things the way you need to. Here are some of the aspects of our solutions which allow you full control over your environment:

We work with you to help translate your needs into your system. Each of our clients has their own version of our solution. Our background and knowledge of Finance means that we can help you work out what you need.

All of this can be delivered with minimum additional time and effort, because a customised Accountagility solution can be implemented in a similar timeframe to that of a configured off the shelf version.

The full cost of our solutions is modest and highly competitive. We have designed our pricing model to provide great value and return on investment.

With Accountagility, you will exercise full control of the solution, its implementation and the budget required – we recognise that Finance Departments appreciate the latter more than anybody else! At the same time your implementation is performed in an Enterprise-compliant way.