We underpin all of our solutions with an agile business process approach, so flexibility is truly built in. With Accountagility you don’t need to make a trade-off between flexibility and performance – the in-memory processing capability makes it the fastest number crunching solution in its class, saving hours at the most critical point during projects – when speed is most needed. No more burning the midnight oil waiting for spreadsheet updates and re-runs, it’s all done in seconds. This is one example of how we dramatically reduce the cycle time of key Finance activities and processes.


Do you have a favourite riposte to colleagues or management when they make an unreasonable demand? Perhaps it’s along the lines of “Everything is possible; but the impossible will take longer!“*. But what if you could just reply “yes” every time? To achieve that, you would need a solution that is both agile and fast.

Impossible? It sounds so, but there is a suite of Finance solutions that has a business process design built in for complete flexibility, whilst also having an optimised and lightning-quick in-memory processing engine to make everything rapid and reactive.

No more food deliveries to the office late into the night. No more burning the midnight oil. Bring an end to those last-minute scrambles and the pressure of missed deadlines. Shorten your cycle times for key finance activities like the Annual plan.

In streamlining your processes with Accountagility solutions, you will also introduce greater reliability, command the respect of colleagues and impress management. Your team will feel that glow of satisfaction of a job well done. Soon they – and you – will be delivering the impossible, again and again.

* Modernisation based on Norwegian Explorer, Fridtjof Nansen’s famous remark: “The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer”?