Finally, there are solutions that adapt to and keep up with your way of working. With Accountagility, you will be talking to Finance people about your finance issues in finance language. Financial experts like you – with similar backgrounds and experience – have designed and built a suite of solutions that solve some of the most common Finance challenges. This means that the systems are rich with practical time-saving features such as instant drilldown analysis. These translate into projects that are flexible, because we understand your needs.


If you haven’t worked in Finance, it’s difficult to appreciate the complexity of this business critical function: – the constant deadlines, the impossible requests, and the relentless demands. Some finance solutions appear to have been written by scientists, offering little practical content and showing limited understanding of the processes and procedures you follow on a daily basis. Unless you are a Finance person, it’s easy to underestimate the consequence of a simple signage misplacement, which can result in errors of £billions on the bottom line!*

You shouldn’t need a PhD to be able to work on the Annual Budget, equally, you shouldn’t have to worry about how your data is managed and crunched. You need to know that the end results can be relied upon, and that new information can be quickly brought into your process. Your IT function no longer needs to worry about how your rapidly changing and demanding requirements can be met.

You want, and deserve, a pragmatic, agile solution that is straightforward to learn and use – that solves your daily, real-life work challenges.

Accountagility solutions were designed by, and continue to be developed and enhanced by, Finance people like you. So you can get on with your job and meet all the challenges that are thrown at you every day, safe in the knowledge that your solution has been designed with your specific business function needs in mind.

*This happened to Fidelity Magellan. Source Operis Paper: The world’s most useful and dangerous program – Microsoft Excel – turns 30