Underneath the suite of solutions lies a powerful platform with over 70 individual tools.

The ORYX Solutions are based on a platform with some very powerful tools and widgets. They allow you to do important functions such as

Import Data into ORYX
Execute data validations and clean data before committing it to the database
Flexibly set Computation rules and create Dimensions for the set of data for further Analysis and reporting
Create local cube views using the Dimensions to do your own what-if analysis without impacting the underlying data in the Server
Flexibly can commit Final view and reports to the database for all users to use with their own set of data
Create reports in MS-Excel and PDF formats to export for regular and management pack reporting needs
The ORYX platform can be hosted on either in-Premises or on Public Cloud based platform such as Amazon Web Services that allow for a reduced Hardware infrastructure costs and pay as you use your infrastructure on the cloud on a monthly basis.