Our approach allows you to solve the immediate priority areas and go step by step to a strategic suite of solutions for the finance function.

For example your most urgent business priority might be ‘financial planning’. Once you have completed your budgeting project, you can move to the next critical area when you are ready, thus allowing you to schedule for the projects you need, safe in the knowledge that all investments are moving you towards the goal of building a powerful suite of integrated finance solutions, key to your strategic plan.

With Accountagility, you do not need to commit to everything upfront. Whilst we offer a full suite of compatible solutions for the finance function, you can build, step by step, the different components in phases, to the point at which you have the full powerful suite of integrated solutions.

So you can simply assess your immediate needs and select the project area that is the most pressing or critical. Executing that first will build your confidence in the quality and results of the solution in preparation of when you take the next step as budgets and resources permit.

Based on experience with our clients, we can assure you that in most cases, each new project will justify itself with a positive business case for the next phase.

Each project you complete builds your plan for the enhanced capability of your Department, and moves you towards the ultimate strategic goal of an automated and efficient Finance function.

The key benefit is you can do all of this without committing to an extensive suite of packages, a large cost, or an inflexible timetable upfront.

There are no hidden costs, and you will benefit from a lower marginal cost on each subsequent project. So you can have your cake and eat it; great value and strategic benefit in one single set of solutions.